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Red Carpet Wine Tasting & Gourmet Cheese Pairing
Enjoy every wine we offer along with a cheese pairing presentation designed by our winemaker.
This is a wine tasting experience exclusive to Chateau de Pique Winery and Brewery of Seymour · Indiana. Old world cheeses chosen specifically and carefully by our winemaker to pair perfectly with the 5 wines he’s chosen. Along with the cheese pairing, the guest is invited to enjoy samples of every wine offered by Chateau de Pique. This is truly a unique experience · one you will only find at Chateau de Pique.

The Pairing

1st Pairing
Cabernet Franc 2011
Medium bodied, soft berry palate (we recommend aerating)
Paired With:
Black Diamond 4-Year Aged White Cheddar
This cheese coaxes out berry notes, exposing the otherwise hidden complexities of this varietal
2nd Pairing
Estate Vignoles
Citrus body with notes of apricot
Paired With:
This Norwegian cheese introduces a slight nutty perception within the wine, and also softens the slight tartness of the Vignoles grape, greatly smoothing it’s finish. You will taste a hint of swiss, as well as parmesan notes in this cheese.
3rd Pairing
Golden in color with a rich, mid-palate fullness
Paired With:
The Tram actually changes the tastebud reception of the Asiago, which is normally a
rather sharp cheese with a brined character. It’s calms down the sharpness of the cheese
as it interacts with your palate. For the wine, the Asiago exposes some spicy and floral
notes that are normally not very forward in our Traminette.
4th Pairing
Steuben Rosé
Layers of strawberry, mulberry, and Niagra
Paired With:
Dubliner Irish Cheese
Dubliner is a rather unique Irish cheese that is made from grass-fed only cows. When cows
only consume grass (as opposed to having their diet supplemented with grain), their milk
tends to have an enriched buttery character which shines through in it’s cheese and butter
products. Dubliner is slightly sharp and nutty with a slight buttery undertone. It leaves a hint
of fresh dairy on the palate, which makes it a great cheese for pairing. Paired with our
Steuben Rose, it helps this wine present with a clean and slightly grassy entrance (much
like a moscato or unoaked chardonnay), and finish with a smooth and almost neutral exit.
5th Pairing
Late Harvest Riesling
Very light with a crisp finish
Paired With:
This cheese from Spain brings out notes of Peach and Apricot in our Late Harvest Riesling.
Manchego is a lower-moisture cheese which imparts notes reminiscient of feta and goat
cheeses. Manchego also presents walnut and almond undertones, which pairs nicely with
a semi-sweet wine like Late Harvest Riesling.